Earlier this week I wrote about my 3 takeaways from Pelicans media day. 

My biggest takeaway was Zion Zion Zion. Williamson stated how he was faster, stronger, and just overall better. Well, the Pelicans training camp has begun and the team had their first inter-team scrimmage where the talk of said scrimmage was Zion Williamson.

Coach Willie Green in his press conference after Wednesday's day practice was over the moon due to Williamson's performance. Coach Green stated that Williamson dominated the scrimmage. He also stated his quick movements and decisions combined with his natural force were impressive.

It wasn't just Coach Green who was impressed with Williamson but fellow Pelican Larry Nance Jr. was as well. Nance joked in his presser that he wasn't sure how much he could say but once he heard Coach Green's comments Nance opened up like a book. Nance told the media that during said scrimmage Williamson didn't miss a single shot and still looked like a wrecking ball. Trey Murphy joined in and added that he was taken back by how strong Williamson is. Murphy stated that he was playing help side defense and as Williamson drove to the lane on Naji Marshall, he bumped Marshall who then bumped Murphy outside the paint. That is how strong Williamson is.

From what we've seen and heard Williamson is back by all accords. Now I want to see him in action in an actual game. But this is extremely promising given the past history with Williamson. Our first chance at seeing Williamson and this Pelicans squad will be in the preseason on October 4th on TNT. And I know you're thinking cmon it's the preseason; however, this is a nationally televised game for a reason. Everyone wants to see this Pelicans team because they can be very special this year. And with the Saints' woes and a terrible start to the NFL season, I for one need the Pelicans to be as good as they've been advertised.

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