Professional mascots have always been a treasure in the eyes of sports fans. They emody the spirit of our favorite teams and they give us plenty to laugh about. One of the more interesting  bits I have seen is when the mascots get together to take on a pee-wee football team. We have seen it time and time again, but these games never fail to give us an unusual moment or two.

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For example, this weekend in Baltimore featured a first for me. The Baltimore Ravens mascot, Poe, suffered a serious injury in a pee-wee vs mascots game. The beloved raven was tackled awkwardly and suffered a torn ACL. He was even taken off of the field on a cart.

Like I said, we always get some wild and wacky moments. This weekend was no different when Atlanta Braves mascot, Bloopy, took the field in Atlanta. Bloopy and a handful of other mascots took the field to play against a local pee-wee football team and the mascots came to play as they always do. Bloopy was handed the ball on a reverse play and had showed no mercy against his smaller opponents. The mascot platned a tiny defender into the ground with a Derek Henry style stiff arm.

This is certainly not the first time a mascot has taken a pee-wee game a little to seriously. In fact, there is a whole montage of mascots getting a little too rough in these games.

Bloopy was obviously not the first mascot to deliver a huge hit in a pop warner game, but this didn’t stop the disapproving comments from rolling in on Twitter.

Others on Twitter didn’t look at this in a negative context.

How do you feel about mascots getting rough with kids in these cross over games? Do they go too far, and should the games continue?

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