The fantasy football season is in full swing and while we can't always gather in large groups with league mates nowadays we all know how certain people within our leagues act during the season. The personalities are all over the place as everyone handles the season differently.

Some are very confident and even cocky, some are a little bit more anxious, and dare I say nervous, some are calm cool, and collected, and some are just there to have fun and don't take it all that serious.

No matter where you sit among those groups it's always fun to identify with a specific fantasy football stereotype.

Throughout the season we'll be displaying various fantasy football stereotypes and acting them out for you in a humorous, parody type manner. These aren't made to be taken too seriously yet to have fun with them and see who you most identify with.

Today, we take a look at one of the classic fantasy stereotypes in the nervous guy, Meet, Nervous Nathaniel, a man who gets worked up when he has absolutely no reason to be anxious or nervous about anything that comes with playing fantasy football.

Do you identify as a Nervous Nathaniel, if not, can you pinpoint the person within your league who does?

(We love you, Matthew Berry, Stephania Bell, Field Yates, Daniel Dobb, and Mike Clay)

Drop a comment and let us know which fantasy football stereotype we should portray next.


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