Even if you're not a fan of Tom Brady or the NFL, it's pretty difficult to not know that Brady and His wife are going through a divorce. With Brady being a popular name in the sports world and Gisele being a well-known model, news of their separation has been very public. The two even released public statements addressing the situation.


Many on the internet have been respectful to Tom and Gisele during this hard time. While fans of the couple have respected their privacy, the two pop culture icons have seen their fair share of critics and jokes. One of the most outspoken critics has been Tom Brady's teammate, Antonio Brown.

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The former star receiver has built a reputation for creating controversy through the internet and he's done it once again. Brown wasted no time taking shots at his former teammate and making fun of his former QB's divorce. It all started with a video of Brown and Gisele after the Bucs won the Super Bowl.

Brown didn't stop there as he even went to make a t-shirt to raise money for a cause. That "cause" however, seemed like a clear shot at Tom Brady.

It seems pretty obvious that brown was taking a jab at one of the only teammates who showed support for the troubled receiver. Fans from around the nation didn't take too kindly to the disrespect and made sure to let Brown know about it.

Brown recently sat down with Patrick David, host of the PBD podcast. Patrick didn't hesitate to get right to the point and ask Brown about his recent behavior toward his former teammate. This is what Antonio Brown had to say on the matter.

After the interview, the video began to circulate on social media. This didn't sit too well with Brown as he responded exactly how you thought he would.

While I do understand that Brown is not the first and won't be the last to make jokes about Brady and Gisele's situation, I do believe you shouldn't turn your back on the people who once supported you. Brady's kids are already going through a tough time as it is and they don't need to see someone they knew adding more fuel to the fire.

How do you guys feel about the situation, did Brown go too far?

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