Welcome to an extension of 'The Fantasy Football Lounge' which you can hear every Tuesday 5-6p on The Word With G with myself and the Guru aka Spencer Urquhart.

Every week here on this column we'll dive into your fantasy football league waiver wires and unearth the best available players that you can.

Say your team got banged up last week and you need some replacements or maybe you made a few hiccups on draft day and need to add some punch to your lineup or maybe you wanna just pick somebody up for your friends can't get them. Whatever the reason, the waiver wire is a vital tool to either winning or losing in your fantasy football league.

Add the right guy at the right time and it can catapult you forward but drop the wrong guy at the wrong time and you'll be absolutely kicking yourself and watching somebody else enjoy YOUR CHAMPIONSHIP. Now, you definitely don't want that, do you?

Here's how it works. Week by week I'll be searching the waiver wire to find the best guys we can add to try and improve our rosters but they must be owned in less than 50% of ESPN fantasy football leagues.

I'll give you a variety of quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends to choose from. No kickers or defense, not here.

So, as they say, the choice is yours and yours alone... Choose wisely my friends and let the fantasy football gods be forever in your favor.

With that being said, week two of the fantasy football season is in the books, and if you thought week one was bad injury-wise week two was a nightmare... Two top picks went down in RB Christian McCaffrey (high-ankle sprain) and Saquon Barkley (torn ACL). Run CMC will be down for a couple of weeks and Barkley of course is done for the season... There were a couple more impactful injuries wide receiver wise as well so it's all hands on deck this week for the waiver wire.

Here are the guys I'm looking at that could potentially help your rosters heading into week three.

Week Three Waiver Wire Targets


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