Louisiana and Troy have been competitors in the Sun Belt for years. However, the Trojans had an underwhelming 5-7 season last year, landing them a new head coach in Jon Sumrall.

Coach Sumrall must really be looking for new prospects at kicker, because the Trojans are letting everybody "kick field goals".

They may be a rival for the Ragin' Cajuns, but this is a pretty genius concept. Who knows, maybe they find some talent out there like Lane Kiffin did at that frat house.

Trojans punter Kyle Coale (who also plays... defensive back???) and longsnapper Collin Westfelt went around Troy's campus in Troy, Alabama asking students to "kick a game-winning field goal". The range of reactions and kicks are great.

What really sells it is how intense Coale and Westfelt get. Coale shouts "field goal, field goal!" in a similar way to how it's called on the sideline. Westfelt rushes to his spot, sets up, and fires the ball back.

Some highlights:

The duo approach Chase Little, a lineman from the team, and he lines up as if prepared to block while Coale shouts, "Where are you going?!"

The professor who is apparently a lefty absolutely flies it.

One girl straight up misses and Coale intelligently turns it into a "fake" and throws her a pass. (Trick play tease? I'm onto you Sumrall.)

She does however throw "a forward pass" to Westfelt.

Sorry, but that's illegal. That's 5 yards from the spot of the foul.

But arguably the best one is Coale desperately trying to get the attention of one student who is listening to their headphones. Coale finally gets him to remove the headphones only for the student to stare dumbfounded at the situation and just go "Huh?"

Coale doesn't miss a beat. "We need you to hit the field goal, sir."

They reset and the guy kicks the ball about 12 yards off to the right.

They close the video with one student who nearly nails the camera.

I don't know whose idea it was to do this, but they deserve a raise for sure. It's funny and energetic.

It's also great practice for Coale and Westfelt before the Trojans face Louisiana in the Swamp on November 5, since the only points the Trojans are likely to score in that matchup are on field goals after the Ragin' Cajuns defense stuffs them.

Geaux Cajuns.

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