Many college football fans aren’t big fans of the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) money going around to college athletes.  They feel a free college education should be enough for them to play college sports. However, sometimes some good can come from NIL.

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Josh Boutwell is the Sports Editor and Troy Trojans beat writer for the The Messenger in Troy,  Alabama and he received some tough news over the summer. Boutwell, just 36 years old, was informed he has Stage 3 colon cancer.

As he told Jaine Treadwell of The Messenger.

“Stage three means that the cancer has spread to nearby lymph nodes, but they have not spread to other parts of the body,” Boutwell said. So, that was good news… but I just heard colon cancer.”

In addition to the tough treatments of chemotherapy and radiation, come the overbearing medical costs of treating cancer. That’s where the Trojans Together Collective, the official NIL Collective for Troy Athletics, comes in.

Led by Jones Medical Supply owner Jason Jones and President Chuck Carson, they suggested the collective could fundraiser for Boutwell.  Jones and Carson then asked Troy Trojans football player Dell Pettus to fill Boutwell in on their plans.

You can see Boutwell’s reaction below.

Even Trojans Head Coach Jon Sumrall started out his weekly press conference with the news about fundraising for Boutwell.

If you’re interested in helping Josh out, you can click below.  Any money donated goes directly into Boutwell's bank account.

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