Is it just me, or are we hearing more and more about shark attacks this summer? I mean, we live on the Gulf Coast, so there's a pretty good possibility that you are going to run into one at some point. But they are still sooooo scary. And don't try to convince me otherwise.

The Australian company Smart Marine Systems, along with famed surfer Ian 'Kanga' Cairns, has developed an app that helps detect whether sharks are swimming near beaches. It's called Clever Buoy Marine Monitoring System, and it helps track sharks before they get a chance to reach swimmers in the area. It can also send a warning to swimmers and surfers to get the heck out of the way.

From Coastal Living, here's an explanation of how it works. 'Essentially, the buoy system creates a 'virtual net' that will detect ocean creatures and quickly analyze movements to determine if they exhibit 'shark-like movement patterns'. Check out the video below, and y'all be careful out on the beaches this summer!


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