Breaking News, according to the New Orleans Pelicans, Zion Williamson will be re-evaluated in 2 weeks as his hamstring continues to heal.

Fans have begun to question if Williamson will even be back in time for the remainder of the season. Head Coach Willie Green is still optimistic that Williamson will return before the end of the season. Green also added that Williamson is doing spot shooting but the team is being mindful so he doesn't suffer another setback like last time.

The question now becomes whether it is worth it to bring him back. My thoughts on this are, if the team is in the playoffs then you try to bring him back. However, I wouldn't rush it in the regular season so he doesn't suffer long-term damage. Allow him to come back at a pace that doesn't cause harm. Just because they didn't reach their potential this year doesn't mean that it is over. Next will be getting this team healthy so the following season can be the one that all the fans expected. And it isn't time to give up on this season yet either because Brandon Ingram is committed to winning and getting back to the playoffs.

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