Three things in life are guaranteed and they are death, taxes, and the NFL loves to cheat the Saints. There is no team in the NFL that gets cheated more than the Saints, whether it's the egregious Rams playoff game or just the horrible calls during the regular season, the Saints will get cheated by the NFL. Well, it has happened again this time in a Pro Bowl dodgeball game.

Demario Davis was representing the Saints in a Pro Bowl dodgeball game where he threw a ball to get Saquon Barkley out and it connected. Davis should've won the game for the defense however the refs disqualified him saying he threw the ball at Barkley's head.

The ball clearly hit Saquon either on his hands or right below the head in the neck/upper chest area. But even if it did hit his head, this isn't football. You should be able to hit someone in the face playing dodgeball. There has never been a time when I played dodgeball where a headshot was a disqualification. The NFL should care more about headshots in actual football instead of a dodgeball game, I mean look at Tua this past season.

It is beyond ridiculous that even in a dodgeball game the NFL and the refs continue to screw the Saints over. Hopefully, next season will be the season where the refs and the NFL start to treat the Saints as they treat everyone else in the league.

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