The New Orleans Pelicans are coming off of a season where they defied expectations by making the NBA playoffs but also exceeded even that by how they performed. Brandon Ingram emerged as a player who is not only a star but someone you can rely on in the playoffs. And mind you all of this happened while Zion Williamson was injured. Going into the offseason the expectations are higher than ever.

This team is seeing a media onslaught of expectations that they have never faced before. But can you blame the media and fans? From Brandon Ingram to Zion to Herb Jones and even CJ you want to see what this team can be. They showed no fear last year and almost beat the Suns. You add Williamson to the mix and boom expectations.

Even though expectations are high around the league, I think the Pelicans will live up to them. Now look do I think they will win the NBA Championship, I can't say that. However, I do believe that this team is a top 6 seed in the Western Conference. I think they have a chance to really make a deep playoff run and if the chips fall the right way maybe more. This team is built to succeed. Now it's up to head coach Willie Green to integrate Zion Williamson into what they built last year.

The key to me will be how Brandon Ingram and Zion Williamson gel. I think it's possible for them to be a great 1-2 punch, but it will come down to them. Having a vet like CJ McCollum helps tremendously cause he can help smooth that process along. Also, can Zion defend better than the last time we saw him? Coach Green demands excellence on the defensive end and for this to succeed Zion has to buy in.

The season is less than a month away from starting and as we get closer more will be revealed about this team. And I am excited to see how far the Pelicans go this year.

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