Folks in Lafayette and the rest of Louisiana are gearing up for a new season of college football, and we're getting ready with a list of the most hilarious player names.

Comedy Central's Key and Peele gave us a lot of great comedy moments but one thing that has stood the test of time was their sketch on football player names. And this year in college football we have some outrageous player names. Here are the top 10 ten most unbelievable yet funny player names in college football.

10. LSU's Major Burns

Mississippi State v LSU
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Coming in at number ten we have LSU's own Major Burns. This is the tamest name on the list but we had to show love to the Bayou Bengals.

9. UNLV's Tiger Shanks

UNLV Football Spring Showcase
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At number nine were heading out west to UNLV. Offensive lineman Tiger Shanks takes the number nine spot. Not only do we have an animal as the first name, but with the last name, we have an action that prisoners use to attack one another. Tiger had to make the list.

8. North Texas's Moh Bility

This name when you look at it at first, should be number one but when you realize that Moh is short for Mohammed then it's not as crazy. But still, to go by Moh and have your last name be Bility means you make the list at the number eight spot.

7. UAB's Fish McWilliams

With the number seven spot, we have Fish McWilliams. The Ragin Cajuns will face Fish when they play UAB this season. But this name sounds like it can be a new Mcdonald's fish sandwich and that's why it makes the list.

6.  Defiance College's Da'Realyst Clark 

Now Decoldest Crawford could've made the list; however, we've known about his name for a while now. And for me, number six is an even crazier name. To me, Da'Realyst Clark is like the Charizard to Decoldest's Charmander. And that's why at number six we have Da'Realyst Clark.

5. Tulane's Phat Watts

Navy v Tulane
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Now to make the top five you have to have an outrageous name. And with our number five guy, we have just that. Phat Watts is a wild name. Especially after hip-hop created the term phat as something that's dope. For example, Russell Simmons' clothing line was called Phatfarm. So due to all of that Phat Watts had to make the list.

4. FIU's Rowdy Beers

At number four we have Rowdy Beers. This is an amazing name for a college football player. When you're in college you see people who get rowdy due to drinking a lot of beers. So Rowdy fits in perfectly in the college football environment.

3. Alabama's Koolaid McKinstry

Alabama v Auburn
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This one for me is self-explanatory. At number three we have Alabama's Koolaid McKinstry. If I was his teammate every time he would make a tackle or a big play I would scream OH YEAH, in honor of the Kool-Aid man. If he's not already, he needs a NIL deal with Kool-Aid.

2. Ohio's Parker Titsworth

At number two we have Parker Titsworth and yes my mind is in the gutter. When you see this name your mind is in the gutter as well. What an awesome last name to have but I can imagine it gets old after a while, but in any case, he is at the number two spot.

1. Oklahoma's General Booty

And finally, at the number one spot, we have Oklahoma's General Booty. There was no other name that could be in the number one spot. I mean he is the general of booty. This name is not only funny but it can be a title. And being a college football player with this name is just perfect.

Which name did you think was the funniest? Hopefully next season we have even more unbelievable names.

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