Breaking News, according to Adam Schefter the Denver Broncos have requested and been granted permission from the New Orleans Saints to interview head coach Sean Payton.

As of now a discussion of compensation has not been determined and doesn't have to be until talks between Payton and the Broncos get serious.

In the upcoming draft, the Broncos have the 49ers' first-round pick, their own 3rd round pick, the Colts 3rd round pick, their 4th round pick, their 5th-round pick, and the Steelers 6th round pick. They also have their 2024 and 2025 first-round picks.

For the trade to happen the Saints would need at least this year's 49ers' 1st round pick and next year's Broncos' first-round pick to even begin the discussion. And some second-round or third-round picks as well.

The Broncos in terms of draft capital isn't the first team I would like the Saints to deal with for Payton. But it does show that we are ready to deal and we need to make sure we nail this trade. Because this trade can either be the trade that sets up our future going forward or the nail in our coffin to set us back. Either way, the Saints are ready to move on from Sean Payton 100%.

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