LSU has some legendary alumni such as Joe Burrow, Lauren Daigle, Don Lemon, Todd Graves, Andrew Whitworth, Lolo Jones, and Odell Beckham Jr. However none more famous than LSU's giant aka the most dominant basketball player ever aka Superman aka The Diesel aka The Big Aristotle you know him as Shaquille O'Neal.

Shaq went back home for the LSU versus Alabama game and he made his presence felt. He met with both Brian Kelly and new basketball coach Matt McMahon. And in the video, you can see him telling Brian Kelly good job.

Shaq also DJ'd this past weekend for the Tigers fans on Friday. I have an inside source that said that event was one of the best events he has gone to in his LSU career. Shaq makes sure when he comes home to Baton Rouge, he shows love to the fans as much as he can.

Shaq also loves to joke with the fans. Anytime he can bring a smile to a fan's face he will. One fan got that Shaq-love first hand. On the field, he saw someone dancing funny and he poked fun at them before showing them some love. And the fan absolutely loved the interaction with Shaq.

Shaq makes sure his love for LSU is known always. Whether that's supporting the football team, the basketball team, or just hanging out with the fans in Tigerland. Shaq makes sure he takes care of his people in Baton Rouge. And I think its time to call Shaq the best famous graduate from LSU of all time.

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