The 2022-2023 NFL season is coming to a close with the Super Bowl on Sunday. The yearly award ceremony known as NFL honors took place Thursday night. We saw Dak Prescott take home the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award, Justin Jefferson snagged Offensive Player of the Year, and Patrick Mahomes won the league MVP among many others.

However, for Saints fans, there was one interesting moment. Saints defensive end Cam Jordan spoofed NFL Honors host Kelly Clarkson's hit song Breakaway and dedicated the song to Sean Payton.

Many people on social media had mixed emotions about Jordan singing to Payton. There's one line in the song where Jordan says "So you might think it shook me when you retired, but coach he isn't bitter except when he's on Twitter". Instead of the Twitter line, he should have said but coach he isn't bitter even though you were a quitter on our team. That would've broken Saints' Twitter in half.

And honestly, I feel the reason many fans were torn on this moment is that Jordan was praising Payton even though he quit on the Saints. You should always respect Sean Payton as his former player and honestly as fans of the Saints. But the wound of him quitting on the team is too fresh for Jordan to do this.

Social Media's Reaction To Cam Jordan Singing To Sean Payton

The Sean Payton era is over and it's almost like Jordan put a cap on it with this tune. However, I just wish he would've taken a shot or two at Payton.

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