Russell Westbrook does superhuman things every night in the NBA. He's one of the most incredible athletes in league history, but he still makes mistakes like the rest of us.

In another loss to Golden State, Westbrook committed the most blatant traveling call I've ever seen. Maybe he was upset about getting waxed by Kevin Durant or possibly the hit he took from Zaza Pachulia scrambled his brain for a second, but he completely forgot the rules require you to dribble the basketball.

Westbrook took the inbounds pass and just started walking with it, like it was just business as usual. The best part is how surprised he is when the ref blows the whistle. Did he forget how to play basketball?

Some players, like LeBron, get away with taking three or four steps sometimes, but six? Come on, Russ. Six steps will get the ref's attention every time. Hopefully, Westbrook was able to laugh at himself after the game. The internet sure had their fun with it, and so did Steph Curry.

If that were LeBron James, he would have just called it a "crab dribble" and gotten away with it.

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