Washington receiver John Ross is fast. Really, really fast. He set a new record for the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine, and he said he wasn't even at full health.

Chris Johnson's time of 4.24 seconds at the 2008 NFL Combine was the record going into this week, but Ross beat it even though his legs started to tighten up on him. You can see him reaching for his leg after finishing his sprint, which is scary to think he could have ran even faster.

Adidas was offering to give a player their own island if they broke the 40-yard dash record, but unfortunately for Ross, he was wearing Nike cleats. What a bummer.

Ross joked about the island, but Nike might give him enough money to buy his own after running like that wearing their shoes.

“I really can’t swim that well,” Ross said. “And I don’t have a boat. So I had to run in Nikes.”

General managers and coaches all around the NFL probably started drooling watching Ross run.

He was one of the best receivers in all of college football, and with natural speed like that, he could be a quarterback's best friend.

After watching his highlight tape from Washington, you will see why some people consider him one of the most dangerous playmakers in the draft. Not only does he have raw speed, he knows how to use it.

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