One thing that is amazing about sports is when you see athletes giving back to their communities. It is special when an athlete gives back because you don't realize the impact it can have on a kid. For example former running back Warrick Dunn did a lot for his community and ended up helping a young Deshaun Watson and his family.

The Pelicans' forward Herb Jones hosted Herb Jones Day in his hometown, Greensboro, AL. And Jones did so much for his community with this event.

Not only did Jones play basketball with the kids but he also fed everyone who went. But what was really cool is for the parents and young adults, he had vendors there that were looking to hire people with new jobs. Jones also had realtor vendors there to offer people chances of getting new homes. This was a well-organized event run by Jones and his charity.

Jones is becoming a real pillar for the Pelicans. He still continues to be a steal from his draft class. He has been incredible both on the court and off the court.

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