For a sports league that's been around for 150 years, it's rare to see a game end differently than any other in the history of Major League Baseball.

Last night in Los Angeles, Baltimore Orioles utility player Steve Wilkerson made history in the Orioles 16 inning win over the LA Angels.

With no arms left, the Orioles moved Wilkerson from center field to the mound, where he became the first position player in league history to earn a save.

As the above tweet points out, save didn't become an official stat until 1969, so there's a possibility something similar to last night unfolded during the first 100 years of MLB. Having said that, to be the first one in 50 years of the stat existing is still incredible.

When it comes to the Orioles, they have a habit of making pitching history with non-pitchers.

Wilkerson didn't have a ton of heat on the pitches, but it was still enough to get the job done.


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