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On this day in baseball history 109 years ago we saw the very first female owner ever in Helene Hathaway Britton.

Britton actually inherited the team from her uncle (Stanley Robinson) and father (Frank DeHass Robison) when they both unexpectedly passed away.

Her father owned the Cleveland Spiders before the Cardinals until the team folded in 1899. Helene Hathaway married into the St. Louis organization as well when she tied the knot with Cardinals President at the time Schuyler Pearson Britton in 1901. The two divorced 15 years later in 1916.

A year later in 1917 is when Britton decided to sell the team. She passed away on January 8, 1950, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the age of 71.

What's even more astounding about this story is that Britton owned a baseball franchise before women were even allowed to vote.

In the years that she owned the team, they went 402-509 with the best season coming in 1914 when the Cards finished 3rd in the NL with an 81-72 record.


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