O.J. Simpson was granted parole today by the Nevada State Parole Board. Simpson is scheduled for an October 1st, 2017 release.

Simpson has so far served nine years of a nine-to-33-year sentence for an armed robbery and kidnapping in Las Vegas back in 2007.

For roughly 30 to 40 minutes Simpson answered questions from Nevada Parole Board, like "What were you thinking?", "What have you done to better yourself?" and "How do you think your actions have affected your victim's lives?"

One of the robbery victims, Bruce Fromong, attended the parole hearing and spoke to the board positively on Simpson's behalf. Fromong told the board "Simpson was mislead about the items that would be there that day" referring to the night of the robbery. Fromong also stated "O.J. never held a gun on me." and that it's time for O.J. Simpson to go home.

Simpson's oldest daughter Arnelle Simpson spoke to the board to plead for her father's early release. Arnelle Simpson called her dad her "best friend" and said that he has been humbled by his incarceration.

Simpson's next parole hearing would have been scheduled for January of 2018.

After watching Simpson answer the questions, I'm floored he was granted an early release. In my opinion, he denied and showed no responsibility for anything. At all.


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