The New York Jets have been known for many bizarre stories. From the tales of Hollywood Joe Namath to the crazy years of Rex Ryan to now Zach Wilson. Zach Wilson's ex-girlfriend is claiming that Wilson allegedly slept with his mom's best friend.

So the account @uSTADIUM posted about how Zach Wilson's ex-girlfriend left Wilson for his best friend and current Commanders WR Dax Milne. Milne broke the ultimate bro code of not sleeping or dating your best friend's ex. Wilson and Milne no longer follow each other on social media and probably arent friends anymore. However, it was what was said next by Wilson's ex-girlfriend that had social media on fire. Wilson's ex then responds to a comment calling her a "homie hopper"(someone who jumps from friend to friend in relationships)by saying that Wilson was sleeping with his mom's best friend and calling her or Wilson the real homie hopper it is unclear who the joke was aimed at.

This went from a story about a bro being the ultimate betrayer and snake in the grass to a script meant for Hollywood. Everyone from his teammates to other NFL players to former players to fans all had something to say about Wilson.

Social Media's Reaction To Zach Wilson Allegedly Sleeping With His Mom's Best Friend

Wilson somehow turned a situation that would've had the internet condemn him for sleeping around on his girlfriend somehow into a win. With just one comment the whole world glossed over the infidelity and went to the scandalous story. Which by the way is perfect for a movie. If Wilson's career doesn't pan out then he has an amazing story he can sell to Hollywood that we already know millions would go and see.

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