According to reports, it is expected that the NFL will vote to change the host city of the Super Bowl in 2024. New Orleans was supposed to play host to the Super Bowl in 2024 but due to scheduling conflicts, Las Vegas is targeted to replace the Big Easy as host.

Caesar's Superdome
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A Twitter post via @ActionNetworkHQ shows that Las Vegas was selected as the new host city for Super Bowl LVII.

See the below Twitter post from @RapSheet regarding the change in location.

The change couldn't be made official until it was put to a vote at NFL meetings in Dallas, TX but the expectation is that the vote will pass. That means move over New Orleans, Las Vegas will be getting the Super Bowl in 2024.

Why won't New Orleans host the Super Bowl in 2024?

When one hears that a "scheduling conflict" is what is causing the Super Bowl to be moved out of New Orleans, one may wonder what event could trump the Super Bowl as a priority? There are some theories floating around social media.

Is Mardi Gras the reason that the Super Bowl is being moved to Las Vegas? It seems like that may be the case.

With an extra week of football being added to the regular season, that leaves the NFL having the Super Bowl in early February. This is also the time when Mardi Gras is in full swing across the Crescent City.

Now, some on social media are wondering, "why not have both?", which is a valid question.

The theories online are that the city of New Orleans simply cannot handle the overwhelming influx of people that Mardi Gras plus a Super Bowl would bring. Add in the fact that New Orleans has placed quite a bit of weight on COVID conditions dictating what happens in the city and you have an explanation for the event's location change.

While it doesn't seem to be in the main factor in the decision, some folks wonder if the city should be concerned about the COVID conditions in 2024 when we haven't even reached 2022.

But according to the actual adjustment that seems to be going into effect, the main reasoning for the 2024 venue change revolves around Mardi Gras scheduling conflicts.

So yes, New Orleans will be hosting a Super Bowl. The event will simply be happening in 2025 instead of 2024. While this means that Mardi Gras will certainly be happening around the Super Bowl in 2025, the actual days the event will take over the Caesars Superdome must work out for the city of New Orleans and their Mardi Gras plans.

So, football fans will just have to wait an extra year for Super Bowl festivities to take over New Orleans. Let's just hope and pray that the Saints can somehow find their way into that contest so we get a true Dome-field-advantage on the biggest stage possible.

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