It doesn't matter who you are or what you do, $415,000 is a lot of money. It's even better when you barely have to work for it, like Jose Calderon learned this week.

The Golden State Warriors wanted to add Calderon into the fold, but after Kevin Durant suffered his knee injury, they realized they would need a forward, not a guard. After signing Matt Barnes to fill in for Durant, they cut Calderon loose, but they kept their word to Calderon and honored their deal.

You probably don't hear Calderon complaining though. Typically, getting released is a raw deal, but Calderon's bank account says otherwise in this case.

The Warriors could have weaseled their way out of paying Calderon, but they decided to fork over the cash and save their credibility with the players around the league. It's a classy, expensive, decision that not a lot of other franchises would make.

Calderon never got to suit up for Golden State, but they had his jersey ready.

Atlanta already scooped him up off waivers, and he will probably be there longer than two hours.

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