The Golden State Warriors just won their 4th NBA Championship and the pettiness is overflowing. I mean rightfully so after everyone wrote them off when Kevin Durant departed. From Stephen Curry not getting proper respect to the constant Draymond slander and finally to the doubt of Klay Thompson. The Warriors overcame all the adversity and are champions again.

Well, remember how the pettiness is overflowing? Klay Thompson took his media availability to call Grizzlies forward Jaren Jackson Jr a bum. Thompson recalled a tweet made by Jackson when the Grizzlies won in the regular season.

Ja Morant took to Twitter to defend his teammate by stating that they are in the minds of the Warriors. However, the Warriors aren't worried about the Grizzlies that's just the team cashing in all receipts to the slander they endured.

Personally, I love all of the pettiness from the Warriors. They earned the right to be. Klay Thompson didn't like what was said and responded. Now Jackson can use this as fuel for next season and we can see a new rivalry forming potentially. Or he can prove Thompson right. Either way, I will be tuned in.

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