Who was your first, favorite Saints player?

Or, if you're a fan of another team; who was your first favorite NFL player?

I'm 51-years old, so my first memories of the Saints are from the early 1970's.

During that time (1973-1975), the Saints had a diminutive running back named Howard Stevens.

What wasn't to like about Stevens? He was the typical small guy that everybody loves to pull for; 5-foot-5, and 165 pounds.

Stevens was far from a great player, rushing for only 373 yards in two seasons with the Saints, but he did lead the NFL and punt returns in 1974.

He was the type of player I grew up liking; a small guy, who flew under the radar.

I always say sports can be enjoyed by adults, but adored by kids

Sports brings back so many memories from my childhood, and Stevens is one of my favorite memories.

Howard Stevens was my first, favorite Saints/NFL player.

Who was yours?.

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