It's a St. Patrick's Day miracle! An LSU hardhat from Louisiana lost in 2015 has been found on a beach in Ireland...4,300 miles away. reports Matthew Bonnette lost his LSU hardhat back in 2015 while working in Belle Chasse. Bonnette's hardhat fell into the Mississippi River and figured he'd never see it again.

He was wrong.

Liam McNamara found the LSU hardhat washed up on a beach in Ireland. McNamara is a regular beachcomber and is even part of beachcomber group on Facebook according to

McNamara noticed a sticker on the helmet that read "International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 25".

He used that information and went on a social media hunt to see if he could eventually find the owner, and that he did.

The LSU hardhat is being mailed to Bonnette.

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