Breaking News, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic Nets guard Kyrie Irving is headed to Dallas to partner with Luka Doncic.

For Dallas, this makes them a better team as long as Kyrie Irving is willing to play at the level he is capable of. Now it will be difficult in the sense that they both currently play iso basketball; however, if Kyrie can play as he did in Cleveland then they have a shot. Also for them to actually contend Luka Doncic must change how he plays and get into the habit of less iso basketball. If those two things don't happen then they won't win.

This will be an issue for the Pelicans, especially since they are currently trying to get healthy. But in actuality, I still prefer a healthy Pelicans team to this Mavericks team.

Finally, for the Nets, this makes them worse. They have more role players and are a deeper team but now everything is on Kevin Durant's shoulders. And I personally don't think Durant can carry that load by himself.

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