In Louisiana, I'd say there are about 3 sports stars that are almost "untouchable", just so popular that the majority of the state loves them. First would be Drew Brees then Shaq and finally Joe Burrow. Burrow is the most recent name on the list; however, his national championship season catapulted him to Louisiana legend. However, did you know that almost didn't happen?

In an interview with the Fullsend podcast, Joe Burrow admitted to almost never playing football. Burrow loved basketball so much that he almost didn't go down the football route in high school.

One of the greatest LSU athletes of all time almost didn't happen. The question I have now is would Burrow have been good enough to make the NBA? He even had basketball in his DNA as his grandmother was a baller in the 1940s.

It's a great what-if to think about. However, I am happy that we ended up with Joe Burrow the football player because what he brings there is incredible.

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