The NBA media received a star with JJ Redick. From challenging Stephen A. Smith on Lebron James to calling out NBA fans, Redick calls it as he sees it. Well, Wednesday morning Redick called out radio host Mad Dog & the boomer generation on ESPN's First Take for being upset over Draymond Green's "antics" during a basketball game and saying that he should just shut up and play basketball.

I applaud Redick for his stance because it is ridiculous to be upset at Draymond over the way he generates emotion to play the game. Yes sometimes I don't agree with Green but that would never stop me from watching the NBA. The criticism of the NBA players I feel is hypocritical because those types of antics happen across all sports. But like Redick implied this seems solely because they are NBA players or due to race.

I hate when media members tell athletes to just shut up and play. They are humans as well and deserve to voice how they feel. Also, they should be able to play the game how they want. As long as he isn't hurting anyone with his play then play how you want Draymond. To see how JJ Redick has gone from villain to hero due to his media career is amazing. Applaud to you, JJ Redick.

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