The New Orleans Saints believe they are in winnow mode with this current iteration of the team. Last year they had a top 10 defense however they had a subpar offense. Well, Mickey Loomis and the Saints don't want a repeat of last year so this offseason they brought in a slew of talent. One of those names was former LSU wide receiver, Jarvis Landry.

Landry had his first practice with the Saints this week during OTA's. He sat down with the media to discuss his thoughts on being with the black and gold, Jameis Winston, Michael Thomas, and much more.

Landry made sure to let the fans know that he is healthy. He took his time getting back to make sure he was ready to go full force. He also went on to discuss his relationship with Jameis Winston. Landry stated that Winston is one of the main reasons he came back home. Landry went on to state that Winston's leadership is infectious.

Landry also went on to discuss Head Coach Dennis Allen. He called Allen an amazing coach and someone who is understanding, as Landry had a lot going on before he came home. And Coach Allen was very accommodating.

Landry also discussed his relationship with Michael Thomas. He called him his brother and stated that he is beyond excited to see Thomas return to the field. He also said that it's up to Coach Carmicheal to figure out how to make all these wideouts work. But they have the talent to be special.

It's great to see Landry back home and healthy. He will be very important to the Saints' plans going forward. And if today was a sign of anything going forward, the best play of OTA's this week was Jarvis Landry's one-handed catch. Hopefully, we will get more of that in the season. But for his first week as a Saint, you have to be excited about everything Landry has said and done.

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