It's not fun when you get sick in Texas, is it?

It's always so inconvenient when it happens to isn't it? There could be a big trip coming for you, or an event that you're looking forward to attending. Things are less fun for a Texan when they're not feeling 100%.

But not everybody in the Lone Star State is always at 100%, so many of us could be dealing with the after-effects of a cold, or currently dealing with a broken bone possibly. So suffice to say, we're all going through something in Texas.

But there's three major illnesses that the state is focusing on to help keep track of, as the affect many residents around Texas. To do so, they've turned to using the advantage of the internet.

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Texas Department of State Health Services Launches Respiratory Dashboard

The dashboard is monitoring three important diseases affecting Texas: COVID-19, Influenza, and RSV. The reason for the focus, according to KXAN, is during this time of year, the three diseases are of high-priority. The dashboard emergency room visits, deaths, and hospitalizations.

In a comment to KXAN, Jennifer Shuford, MD, MPH, the DSHS Commissioner stated:

“The dashboard provides a near real-time look at conditions, so people can make informed decisions on precautions for themselves and their families, and health care professionals can make recommendations to their patients.”

DSHS also suggests, as reported by KXAN, that Texans should get vaccinated against the respiratory illnesses, as well as washing hands or staying home when feeling unwell.

Stay safe and healthy Texas! You can see the dashboard here.

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