Crowley, LA (KPEL News) - There's something magical about turning a passion into a business, and that's just what a Crowley girl did. Alexis Meyers painted a window for a family member's business, and now she and her paintbrush travel all over south Louisiana creating beautiful art for everyone to enjoy.

Alexis painted her first window at her step-dad's place and posted a picture of her work on social media. The next thing she knew, her phone rang. The Crowley Main Street board asked her to paint windows in downtown businesses as part of their Christmas decorating contest.

The social media engine revved and the calls didn't stop. Alexis says she got so busy painting windows that she was able to quit her office job to do windows full time.

Alexis has no formal art training, just raw talent and passion.

painted hat
Courtesy Alexis Meyers

She doesn't only paint windows. She paints lots of things: canvas art, wine glasses, hats, sidewalks, doors, faces. You name it, and she will paint it. What's even more special is that she comes up with the ideas and, voila! A beautiful, unique creation that's pleasing to the eye and brings a smile to the heart.

face painting
Courtesy Alexis Meyers

Several of her clients call her to redo their windows based on the season, and they often request that she work their culture or industry into the art. She's done work for Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, Easter, Spring, Summer, Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and any other celebration you can dream up.

A couple of years ago, she began hosting paint parties. She pre-draws the lines on canvas and then walks participants through the creation. While it's not an original idea, her paint parties are fun!

As a Crowley resident, I have seen her work since she began. Watching a girl with a dream succeed is magical! She "signs" the windows she paints, and I noticed that she was taking her paints on the road to cities and towns across south Louisiana: Crowley, Lake Arthur, Broussard, Scott, Lafayette, Jennings, and all points in between.

Her Facebook page is filled with her work, whether is big business windows or the faces of smiling children. I challenge you to take a look at some of the ones I'm sharing here and not feel happy.

Get ready for a real treat! There's lots to see.

alexis the artist
Courtesy Alexis Meyers

Beautiful Louisiana Window Art

A local girl paints beautiful window decorations, no matter the occasion!

Gallery Credit: Facebook via Window Art by Alexis

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