The biggest story of the recently concluded NFL weekend wasn't that the NFL scriptwriters arranged for the New Orleans Saints to tank in their game at Green Bay. It wasn't that the NFL scriptwriters, under the poison pen of Roger Goodell, conspired to make Sean Payton look like the worst coach in the world at Denver. No, the biggest story in the NFL this past weekend was that Taylor Swift went to a Kansas City Chiefs game.

I think that's wonderful that Taylor and her now rumored new dating interest Travis Kelce got to share a little quality time on Sunday. Of course, Kelce, a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs was working on the field while his mom entertained Taylor in his family suite at Arrowhead Stadium.

I am sure you've seen one of the millions of Twitter videos of Taylor cheering and yucking it up in the suite while Travis and the Chiefs were dismantling the hapless Chicago Bears. And while folks like you and I were mildly amused by the spectacle of Taylor at a football game, the real Swifties, that's what Taylor fans are called, were concerned about a more logistical problem.

That problem was this, how was Taylor going to get from the suite down to the locker room without being mobbed by tens of thousands of fans who figured out she was in attendance? Well, one TikTok creator who was at the game believes Taylor "escaped" this way.

Yeah, that's TikTok creator @cassiemusfeldt and her spin on the great Taylor Swift in a popcorn cart escape theory. It would make sense. Taylor could certainly fit in a structure of that size and the lady moving the cart does appear to "struggle" to roll it over some of the flooring, so there could be a body in there.

And the idea of Taylor hiding in a cart is not farfetched at all. It was widely reported that back in April Taylor was being wheeled around backstage at one of her shows in a janitor's cart to avoid detection by fans. And you know, Taylor in a popcorn cart just sounds like something she would do.

We should note that several other sources seemed to confirm that Taylor actually made her exit with Kelce himself through the player's entrance and exit. But in Taylor's world, the popcorn cart makes for a much better story.

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