If you know the famous line, "Come on down" then you know that it refers to the game show "The Price is Right".

A woman from Opelousas, Devin Manual, now knows exactly what that sentence sounds like in person as she made it onto the show according to KLFY. Her sister and close friend were there to see it all happen.

All three ladies remember the many times they would watch the show with their grandparents. Each year, the three ladies took a trip together, and when it was time to make plans, they decided Los Angeles would be the destination.

Danielle Castille, Devin Manual, Victoria Lewis
Photo courtesy of KLFY

When the decision was made to visit LA it was only natural that they would want to be part of a taping for "The Price is Right". They got free tickets, but they got more than that as Manual heard the famous phrase, "Come on down!"

Lewis says "Opelousas will be very proud of her because she was very entertaining!"

Castille adds that it was just so amazing to be able to see her friend up on the stage at the famous game show. Manual says she brought all of her natural high-energy personality to the show, and much more. She says she was extremely excited to be a part of the whole process.

You know this is going to be a story that the three of them will be able to tell their grandchildren as Manual says,

We've been talking about it since the day it happened, and we're going to talk about it for years to come.

Manuel says once she has been the date that the show will air then she can share more about her experience with us.

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