The internet is fired up after this video surfaced prior to the Philadelphia Eagles and Buffalo Bills football game this past weekend.

Look, it's no secret that Eagles fans aren't very well-liked across the country and their behavior through the years has warranted the feeling.

For years we've seen Eagles fans fight with opposing fans and we have even witnessed fans in green pour various substances on opposing fans.

However, in this latest video, you see something perhaps for the first time from an Eagles fan.

Buffalo Bills v Philadelphia Eagles
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Watch as a young Eagles fan walks up to a grown man, who is wearing a Buffalo Bills jersey,  and appears to want to shake his hand. Perhaps the kid was going to wish him the best of luck prior to the marquee matchup.

Well, just as the Bills fan was about to shake the kid's hand, the young Eagles fan pulled away and extended his middle finger toward the Bills fan. Yes, this KID flipped off an opposing fan and an adult.

Where do you think he learned this type of behavior? I'll let you reach your own conclusion on this one. However, this is absolutely disgusting and disrespectful. And this is why Eagles fans are the most hated across the NFL.

Check out this video and let us know how you feel about this kid's behavior as they make their way into the stadium.

By the way, the Eagles defeated the Bills in a great game on Sunday afternoon.

In a separate video shared on social media from the game, an Eagles fan got into a verbal altercation with some Bills players during the game, and one Buffalo Bills player appeared to shove the fan who was yelling at them.

Watch this immature behavior from another Eagles fan.


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