A bowler used several bowling balls as her weapon of choice after the party she was in got into an altercation with another party in a downtown bowling alley.

The altercation happened at Lucky Strike Miami bowling alley in downtown Miami and as you will see here, one bowler was not afraid to toss a few bowling balls toward those she was fighting with.

The angry bowler even hit one person in the head with a ball but was able to escape from the Miami venue prior to police arriving on the scene.

Bowling balls weren't the only thing flying during this fight, according to a report drinks and other objects in the bowling alley were picked up and tossed around.

Photo by: John Falcon
Photo by: John Falcon

Police are investigating this fight and say that those in the video below could face criminal charges.

As for the victim who was in the head with a bowling ball, no one knows the extent of her injuries being that she has yet to be located.

Still, you hate to see this type of behavior out in public, where young teens or adults may be. Here's the altercation that had bowling balls flying, rather than rolling.


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