Beachgoers in Florida come to the rescue.

A large shark in Pensacola, FL was beached and it would have died there had it not been for some brave beachgoers in the area.

Watch as a group of men struggle to get the Longfin Mako shark back in the water, but after several pulls, they successfully get the large shark into the gulf.

As you'll see here, the large shark stuck on the beach is guided back into the water and it swims away.

Kaitlin Wright
Kaitlin Wright

While we applaud the efforts of these men in the video below, just remember, they're out there. And yes, that isn't Breaking News for all, but you should always be aware of your surroundings while out in the water.

Some on social media speculate that the shark you see here was chasing sting rays that got too close to the beach, and that is what led to this massive shark being washed up on the beach.

Now, check out this very brave rescue by the men in Pensacola Beach.


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