It's always a good thing when you visit the Texas Department of Public Safety website and notice that a few of the top wanted fugitives have been captured. In fact, three of the ten most wanted fugitives now have the word captured posted on their wanted mug shots. Which is fantastic news because now our law enforcement officers can start working on other fugitives that need to be held responsible for the crimes they allegedly committed.  

Raul Herrera Jr. is now the “Featured Fugitive” on the Texas 10 Most Wanted Fugitives List and there is currently a $8,500 reward if you have any information on where he is hiding out. There are several other fugitives that are all listed below, each with a reward of no less than $3,000. Although hopefully beyond just the reward aspect you’re helping law enforcement as these fugitives could be dangerous to our community.  

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These Suspects Could Be Hiding Out Anywhere in Texas 

The fugitives on this list realize they are wanted by the police and choose to hide. But it’s anyone’s guess on where they might be hiding out right now. They could be right down the street or out across the country. But we all need to keep an eye out and if we notice any of them it’s important to contact law enforcement immediately. Please don’t try to contact anyone listed below by yourself.  

Let’s Look at the Most Wanted Fugitives in Texas 

Here is a look at the most wanted fugitives in Texas according to the Texas Department of Public Safety website.  

Texas DPS Most Wanted Fugitives (February 2024)

Here is a look at the most wanted fugitives from the state of Texas.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

All the Most Wanted Fugitives and Sex Offenders Captured in Texas in 2023

Texas is a big state and with that kind of size, one can expect to have many people on the run from the law. Here are all the most wanted fugitives and sex offenders who were captured in 2023 with some with the help of tips given through Crime Stoppers.