(Atlanta, Georgia) - There's a cardinal rule between coaches and players, and that is don't break each other's trust. One high school football coach in Atlanta broke that rule when he punched his player in the stomach. An unidentified coach for Benjamin E. Mays High School berated and struck his player in the stomach.

The coach who has remained unidentified was charged with simple battery and will face administrative charges from the Benjamin E. Mays school district. What makes this even worse is that the coach isn't a classroom instructor and is a volunteer coach.

As a player, you automatically lose faith in that coach, and honestly your head coach for even having that guy there. And for parents, the question then becomes how can I trust any coach on this football team? These men are supposed to be leading and teaching these kids. You don't need to punch a kid in the stomach to get across your point. Shame on that coach.

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