This Saints season has been a rollercoaster of emotions. From the summer when fans believed we had a shot to now when everything is doom and gloom. The Saints are in a bad position after trading away our first-round pick and Chauncey Gardner Johnson essentially for nothing. And with the record being the way it is the Eagles could be getting a top-10 pick.

We asked you the Who Dat Nation, have you given up on the Saints season? You won't believe the results of the poll, which we asked on Facebook and Twitter respectively.

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

So on Twitter, it seems the majority of yall have given up. When you add together the percentages for yes, yes & no 1st round pick, and focused on the Pelicans you get 70% of Twitter fans over the season compared to the 30% that said no.

However, Facebook is a different monster. The Who Dat Nation on Facebook seems to be split 55% haven't given up to 45% have. The belief is that with the division being trash the Saints still have an opportunity. I would counter that point with the strength of the schedule.

Funny enough the Falcons have the easiest schedule between the Buccaneers, the Saints, and themselves. While the Saints and the Buccaneers are pretty even. So when you look at the teams the Saints face it won't be a cakewalk. This team has shown no discipline and belief in their head coach and that is something echoed multiple times on Facebook. Facebook Follower Blaine said "Because of Allen.... yes. Don't think he can right the ship" while Facebook follower Richard stated, "Allen and Carmichael can't lead a pig to water". It seems faith in the Saints' coaching isn't there from players or fans.

Dennis Allen and Pete Carmichael are easily on the hot seat. If things don't begin to change Saints fans will get louder and louder. However, the thing we can't forget is no matter how much we want to tank for Bryce Young or CJ Stroud we can't because we don't have our first-round pick. And every time I think about that I want to cry.

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