NIL (name, image, likeness) deal has made it possible for college athletes to make money off of their likeliness and secure brand deals. This has opened the door for some pretty interesting partnerships between athletes and major companies. We have seen it all from Hooters teaming with offensive lineman, to DeColdest Crawford having the best commercial I have ever seen. The best fit I have seen so far still has to be Alabama defensive back Kool-Aid McKinstry signing a deal with Kool-Aid.

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Coastal Carolina is a team that seems like they were just made for weird and wacky brand deals to me. I mean, this is a team and a campus culture that fully embraces the mullet and wears it proudly. They are a team stacked with personalities and their veteran quarterback is no different. Grayson McCall has emobied the mullet life-style and his latest merchandise proves just that.

Grayson and Native Sons, an apparel company in South Carolina, have created a line of shirts that feature a variety of colors and logos. He has a shirt that has himself on it and reads “THE REAL McCALL”. You already know he has a shirt with a mullet on it. The shirt that sparks my interest is the one that reads “I Piss Teal”.


His Tik Tok is in full marketing mode and I am hear for it. Listen to the music that decided to go with for this video.

I mean seriously, can you get anymore Coastal Carolina than that? As a Cajun alum, I will not buy one of these shirts, but that doesn’t mean I'm not jeleous someone from UL hasn’t created anything like this yet. I mean you have to respect this guy for fully embracing the culture of his university. Many fans on Grayson’s Instagram are loving the merch.


I think this is absolutely hilarious and would fully embrace this if I went to Coastal. I don’t, so I will just lie and say they are lame. I know all my Cajun fans are going to absolute hate this They always clown the mullets and for good reason, but McCall maybe on to something with this one.

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