When it comes to daytime tv in the sports world, there are two shows that have been battling since the hosts split apart and that is First Take with Stephen A. Smith and Undisputed with Skip Bayless. Over time Undisputed became the favorite of the sports world due to the banter between Skip Bayless and NFL Hall Of Famer Shannon Sharpe. And with the release of Sharpe, Bayless was in need of a new host.

Well, Bayless now has a new co-host on Undisputed. It was announced today according to Andrew Marchand that Bayless' new cohost will be former Legion Of Boom member Richard Sherman.

It will be interesting to see how Bayless and Sherman interact with each other, especially after their flare-up back when Bayless was on First Take. Sherman told Bayless that he is better at life than he is.

Also right now it is being reported that Sherman will debate with Bayless between 50-100 times a year. Which will occur mainly during the NFL season. Bayless is also adding rapper Lil Wayne to come on the show every Friday to discuss football and basketball. Wayne also made a new intro song for Undisputed. But the question now is who will debate with Bayless during the NBA season, I believe that Bayless will choose a former NBA player to come in and replace Sherman during the NBA season.

This saga with Bayless and Sharpe has been very interesting, now we await what Sharpe's next move is. But Sherman will have huge shoes to fill, hopefully, he does a great job.

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