Shareef O'Neal son of NBA legend Shaq decided to leave LSU for the NBA Draft. Many were shocked to see Shareef decide to enter into the draft process. But for Shareef, he sees this as an opportunity to forge his own path. Against his father's wishes, he decided I want this so I'm going to go and get it.

Shaq who is very pro college wanted his son to say, and as Shareef revealed that he wasn't too happy with his decision. However, Shareef stated that he is a grown man and wants to make his own decisions. He felt he wasn't being played enough in college and didn't get a chance to shine. So when he went to the g league ignite he felt that he was back and wanted to go and get his shot to make the NBA.

Shareef has worked out for a few NBA teams including the Lakers and the Hawks. Now I know the consensus is that he won't be successful but I'm not going to say that. I like his attitude of betting on himself. Whether he fails or succeeds he can be comfortable with the fact he tried and gave it his all. But it would be amazing to see Shareef succeed and overcome the odds.

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