When most of us think food at a football game we think of tailgating. How can that possibly help increase the revenue at Louisiana's restaurants? The fact is it can. That's because not all fans do an extensive tailgate menu and there is nothing like football to help thousands work up an appetite.

Naturally the bigger boost for restaurants and bars is when the home teams are on the road. This past weekend saw LSU on the road and the Saints were traveling too.

With the away games this weekend, we usually see restaurants pretty packed around game time

Erica Burns with the Louisiana Restaurant Association made those comments in a story published by the Louisiana Radio Network. She went on to say that football signifies Fall and that usually means an end to the Summer lull in the food service business.

Now that the kids are back in school and football season's starting up again, usually we'll see that the restaurants will start getting busier.

Burns also suggested that football games usually keep fans in the establishments for longer periods of time. Many fans will come before kickoff and won't leave until after the game is over. That means a good three hours of eating and drinking.

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