After the Deion Sanders saga that took place during his time at Jackson State, there have been more eyes than ever on HBCUs. That light only grew once it was reported that NFL Hall Of Famer Ed Reed would be the new coach at Bethune-Cookman. Well, since that report Reed's contract was not picked up and he no longer was the coach at the institution.

However, the major news is what took place once the world found out that Reed was no longer the coach. Reed took to Instagram to call out the administration of Bethune-Cookman due to the lack of resources, the horrible state of the school and facilities, as well as the lack of respect shown by the school to himself, his staff, and the students. Reed also stated that the issues with HBCUs are due to the administration being corrupt or their lack of care for everyone involved.

During his original broadcast, Deion Sanders joined the live to give Reed words of encouragement and support.

Reed however was not finished as he went on Roland Martin's talk show to dive further into the issues with HBCUs and Bethune-Cookman. He also stated how he turned down other jobs for Bethune-Cookman. Martin also interviewed three players of Bethune-Cookman who stated that the university never cared about them. They allowed them to practice with moldy helmets, balls, uniforms, and gear. They left the field, training buildings, and any other facilities unkept. What these players went on to describe is some of the worst possible situations to be in, when your only worry should be football and school.

The players however weren't done, as some of them along with other students began to protest at the University. Their protests were for the removal of the current administration and to give Reed his job back. The students also posted evidence of mold throughout the school.

For the students and the staff to be put in these conditions is absolutely horrendous. And Reed was absolutely right for calling out the school. Hopefully, something meaningful happens from this because as of now this is a horrible look for HBCUs and Bethune-Cookman.

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