You never know what's swimming beneath the surface.

Ocean Ramsey is a diver, author, and model who has accumulated a large following on Instagram.

She and Juan Sharks share videos of shark interactions on social media, giving tips on what to do if you find yourself in a situation with one.

Ramsey posts videos of sharks in their natural habitat in an effort to help them. (Her profile does not allow embedded videos, but you can follow her here) I admire her bravery. If I knew a Tiger Shark was swimming nearby, I'd be anywhere but in the water.

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Recently, she was about to hop into the ocean, peeked into the water, and noticed a large mouth swimming ride toward her.

Ramsey doesn't seem phased.

In fact, she's responding to the Tiger Shark like it's a cute puppy dog.

More power to her.

Here are more videos of Ramsey and Juan swimming with sharks.

Simultaneously breathtaking and terrifying.

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