When someone gets really good at something, those close to them will caution them not to let their head get too big.

For Alex Chu, a freshmen Lacrosse player at Division III Wheaton College in Massachusetts who can't play because of the size of his head, it wasn't a matter of ego, it was literally his head.

Watching this story on Chu from WBZ news, his head doesn't look overly large, but apparently, it's keeping him from playing Goalkeeper as no helmet that fits him has been approved by the NCAA.

In high school, he wore a special helmet, that was essentially two helmet fused into one. Unfortunately for Alex, the NCAA doesn't allow an altered helmet to be used in games.

Chu is hoping a new helmet to be released soon from Warrior (owned by New Balance) will open the door for him to play.

Judging from the short piece by WBZ, he seems like a good kid who just wants to play the sport he loves. Hopefully, he'll get to soon.

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