The Saints and the Buc have become a fierce and bitter rivalry over the past couple of years and yesterday’s matchup certainly showed that. The game was a defensive slugfest that featured a lot of trash-talking on both sides. Tempers began to flare and a bench-clearing brawl ensued.

We all know how much this game means to both teams given their recent history against each other, but it means a little more to Former Buccaneer, Jamies Winston. It also means a lot for his former teammates who now get a chance to face Winston. Just because there is a little history between Winston and the Bucs doesn’t mean they don’t have respect for each other, right?

After the game, Tampa Bay linebacker, Devin White, had some interesting comments about Jameis Winston, to say the least. White took some shots at Winston that were directed not only at his play for the game but even his play while with Tampa Bay.

Bucs fans didn’t mind the comments made by their star linebacker, but other NFL fans didn’t think the comments were necessary.

Fans weren’t the only ones who didn’t like White’s comments about Winston. Winston’s former receiver, Chris Godwin, called out White for his comments about their former teammate. In an Instagram Live video from Leonard Fournette, you can hear Godwin asking White why he called out Winston.

It’s not very clear how the rest of that conversation was going to go because Fournetter cut the talk short. Fans get the impression that Godwin was taking up for his former teammate and didn’t think the comments from White were needed. Saints fans even took to Twitter to show their respect for the Bucs star wideout.

Trash talking is a part of the game and comes with the territory of having a bitter rivalry, but do you think that White’s comments were too far?

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