Bucs fans, give it up. Even Todd Bowles acknowledges that the Bucs and Saints aren't anything more than division rivals.

Honestly, the Bucs mean less to the Saints than the Panthers, and they haven't been relevant in the division race since Cam Newton could actually throw the ball.

Gotta agree with Todd on this one. The only game the Saints have dropped to the Bucs was one playoff game. Arguably, that's the one that really matters but that game featured a twilight-of-his-career Drew Brees. The one pass that Famous Jameis threw in that game went for 56 and a tuddy so pump the brakes.

Obviously, the players aren't particularly concerned with whether or not this is a true rivalry, except maybe Carlton Davis, so they are sure to show up and play hard regardless.

This idea that the Bucs are the Saints' fiercest rival is one likely born from the number of bandwagon Tom Brady fans who burned their Patriots jerseys and fake Boston accents for Buc red and mai tais.

The response from Saints fans to Bowles' assertion was resounding agreement, with many referencing one of the great auteurs of the Who Dat Nation, one Mr. Jono Barnes.

Barnes is well known among the Black and Gold faithful for his hilarious sketches that parody certain elements of Saints fandom.

He even preceded Coach Bowles' statements with a skit to explain what Bucs fans are doing, and exactly how Saints fans should respond.

That kinda says it all.

The Saints play the Buccaneers in the Dome at noon local time.

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